Team Coaching Using Behaviour Profiles


There are many activities you can do under the banner of “teambuilding”. Don’t get us wrong, we love climbing a tree, making a cocktail or herding each other round a field like sheep as much as the next person. But if you really want some lasting impact that everyone can see is business specific, getting your team an entertaining, insightful, engaging team-coaching session is absolute gold. It’s personal to you, your team and your company values; everyone receives a detailed report into their own behavioural preferences and can see how those contribute to the success of the whole team. And best of all, no one has to film themselves doing a rap about the CEO.

Course Overview

  • Participants

    Up to 12 per session, though groups of up to 100 can be accommodated for larger teams or organisations.

  • Format

    A blended learning programme usually delivered over a 2-4 week period.

  • Breakdown

    - 1 hour's pre-work in the GBB Coaching & Consultancy Learning Portal.

    - Full-day (6 hours) live training event with your engaging, expert facilitator.

    - 1 hour's consolidation work in the GBB Coaching & Consultancy Learning Portal.

    - 3x 45 minute video coaching calls with your expert facilitator to help managers and team leaders implement your team’s learning.

Why choose this programme?

The DISC framework has been tried and tested by organisations worldwide to give a robust, insightful and, above all, useful tool that helps teams and individuals recognise their behaviour and communication preferences. Armed with this knowledge, they are able to evaluate their easiest relationships – and be critical about whether they are the most useful or just the most enjoyable – and the more challenging relationships they have – are these difficult people? Or just people using different behaviours to me in pursuit of the same goals? The workshop starts with the premise that there are no bad behaviours (that doesn’t mean you can’t behave badly, but in themselves the behaviours are not bad) and helps participants to see the benefit of having as many behaviours as possible available to the team – even if they don’t all sit comfortably together all the time. By the end of the workshop, everyone will have a hugely valuable, personal report and deep understanding of their own behaviour as well as a new appreciation for the way others behave and how best to communicate with them. Although this is a business focused workshop, we consistently receive feedback that it has been transformational not just for the wellbeing of the team at work but in their personal lives too.

Who should attend this programme?

This programme is designed for teams who work together, whether that is in one location or remotely. It is suitable for staff at all levels of an organisation and can be particularly useful for managers and team leaders who will have a detailed common language on behaviours and an appreciation for how their preferred behaviours compare to those of their team – and any likely mismatch that could have the potential for poor relationships.

Programme Content:


  • Background to the workshop – bespoke to each client session.
  • The DISC framework.
  • On-line survey to generate the detailed report ahead of the workshop.

Live Training Experience:

  • How do teams operate.
  • Understanding the behaviours.
  • Exploring our goals and values as a team.
  • Your personal report.
  • Our team wheel.


  • Feedback and insights survey.
  • Action planning.


  • Managers and Team Leaders who attended the workshop will receive coaching calls from the facilitator to help them keep the messaging from the workshop alive and to support them in leading any actions that the team identified during the workshop.
  • Our coaches will also share any feedback received from the survey and any observations we made during the workshop that we think could be beneficial.

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