Sales Training Courses

Improve Your Teams Sales Skills

Combining confidence and empathy with a natural competitiveness and clear, polished processes creates a sales experience that is rewarding for sales people and enjoyable for customers. Measuring and tracking these key ingredients leads to a sales pipeline that can be relied on – and that is something every business needs.

Whether onboarding a new sales team, firing up an existing one or launching a new product or campaign, our programmes can be applied in retail or b-to-b market places. We don’t break down the elements of the process into separate courses – prospecting, presentation, negotiation, closing - but rather present the complete toolbox. It is up to you if you implement our process in its entirety or allow each individual to take the techniques they believe will most improve their personal success. However you use it, our coaches will make sure your team gets the best possible result after the programme.



We will work to understand your goals and make sure that the programme you have selected will support your desired outcomes. With some careful questioning, we help you to decide how best to measure the outcome in your business and put all the necessary support in place to help you position the programme in your organisation and achieve the desired outcomes.


Our blended approach allows participants to get started straight away with their pre-work in our Learning Portal. We will organise the live training sessions and make sure that any case-studies or exercises reflect your specific business and goals. We support your participants throughout their learning journey, with feedback and direct access to our team.


As part of the programme, delegates will construct action plans to help them transfer their learning to the workplace. Each delegate receives 3 video coaching sessions to ensure new behaviours and habits are taken from the classroom and implemented in the workplace. Then we help you measure the success of the programme based on our original consultation.

Not Quite What You're Looking For?

If these programmes don’t seem to quite hit the spot, talk to us about what you’re trying to achieve. We’ve taken the very best bits of well over 70 unique pieces of training that we have delivered for organisations over the years to create these programmes; but that means there is an awful lot we’ve had to leave out. Maybe we have just the solution you’re looking for in one of our other courses...

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