Delivering Competency Based Feedback


Managers and supervisors will leave this programme competent and confident to give personal, constructive and, most importantly, actionable feedback to staff. They will be able to motivate staff with regular input to drive performance and behaviour that promotes not just the business result but staff relationships and wellbeing too. Delivering regular feedback in this format is also a powerful tool for implementing change in a business and improving staff retention and satisfaction. If any of these things would support your business strategy over the coming months, this course is for you and your people managers.

Course Overview

  • Participants

    Up to 8 per session.

  • Format

    A blended learning programme usually delivered over a 6-9 week period.

  • Breakdown

    - 3 hours’ pre-work in the GBB Coaching & Consultancy Learning Portal.

    - 2x Full-day (12 hours) live training event with your expert facilitator.

    - 2 hours’ consolidation work in the GBB Coaching & Consultancy Learning Portal.

    - 3x 45 minute video coaching calls with your expert facilitator to help you implement your learning.

Why choose this programme?

Whether you have a competency framework in place or not, this programme explores the importance of having the right language to accurately describe behaviours and skills. This is the foundation of being able to explain to people what you need from them, how they are currently performing against that measurement and how they could do better. It is the key ingredient to both constructive and motivational feedback. This programme can completely transform the relationship managers have with their staff and the results they are achieving. If you want to support managers to drive strategy, performance, and change in their area, this programme is a must. Not only will participants receive a complete vocabulary to use, but also the skills to recognise competencies in the workplace and the communication tools to give strong, supportive feedback to staff that changes behaviour for the better. This programme can work with your company framework if you have one or can be used with our “off the shelf” framework. It will brilliantly support any PDP (Personal Development Plan) or appraisal programme. Participants will work with our actor facilitators to practise giving ad hoc feedback, running formal feedback meetings and approaching challenging conversations around performance and behaviour. The programme is routed in personal examples that participants will feed into the programme to ensure that it is as easy as possible to transfer the skills to the workplace quickly and make real change happen for your business.

Who should attend this programme?

This programme is designed for managers and supervisors at all levels of an organisation. Participants should have responsibility for at least one member of staff and be expected to conduct regular reviews with their team – whether that is currently happening or not. Participants can sometimes feel concerned about working with actors and exposing their own perceived weaknesses in front of colleagues; this whole programme is about giving and receiving feedback with the sole purpose of improving and we are very good at getting that right for everyone. Apprehension from managers attending the programme gives them a great insight into how their staff likely feel – and we will role model for them the techniques to help the whole process feel valuable and valued by their team.

Programme Content:


  • The competency framework.
  • Creating effective job roles from competencies.
  • The feedback experience – case study.
  • For better or worse – identifying challenging feedback topics and situations.

Live Training Experience:

  • The case for feedback.
  • Empathy as a conversation guide.
  • Identifying competency relevant behaviours.
  • Objective setting in a competency framework.
  • Getting the result – confident conversations.


  • Personal competence and confidence review.
  • Action planning and conversation planning.
  • Evidence gathering – constructive vs covert.
  • Putting your actions into place.


  • Support to practice and implement the skills learned.
  • Measurement of effectiveness using new skills.

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