Developing a Customer Service Culture


A reputation for great service doesn’t just increase customer loyalty, it is also the key to customer acquisition. But it doesn’t happen by accident. It must be part of your strategy, part of how you manage and incentivise staff and part of your training and recruitment programmes. This programme for managers and supervisors breaks down the essentials into daily management tasks that keep a focus on your customers and align the whole team behind your strategy.

Course Overview

  • Participants

    Up to 12 per session.

  • Format

    A blended learning programme usually delivered over a 6-9 week period.

  • Breakdown

    -  3 hours’ pre-work in the GBB Coaching & Consultancy Learning Portal.

    - 2x Full-day (12 hours) live training experience with your passionate and skilled facilitator.

    - 2 hours' consolidation work in the GBB Coaching & Consultancy Learning Portal.

    - 3 x 45 minute video coaching calls with your expert facilitator to help you implement your learning.

Why choose this programme?

This programme is for managers and supervisors who need to put the customer back at the heart of their teams’ daily mindset – but who also need to work with tight deadlines, demanding targets and business objectives that are tied to financial results. It allows managers the time and space to consider what is impacting their teams negatively and what is encouraging a customer service mindset in their current environment. It teaches planning and strategy tools developed specifically for the Customer Experience industry and helps managers to apply them to their own situation and business. By the end of the programme, managers will have identified they most impactful actions they need to take, planned how to implement them with their teams, put together a framework for supporting change in their workplace and have begun the process of realising their vision.

Who should attend this programme?

This programme is designed for managers and supervisors at all levels of an organisation. Participants should have responsibility for at least one member of staff and be expected to manage the customer service delivery of their team. They may or may not have responsibility for setting the overall customer service strategy for their organisation. The strategies and techniques taught in this programme are all reflected in our other customer service focused courses and so they can be used very effectively as a suite of training for managers and staff as part of a larger culture change initiative.

Programme Content:


  • Exploring premium customer service experiences.
  • Managing a great experience for your customer.
  • Assessing the experience you currently provide.
  • What stops your team from delivering for your customers?

Live Training Experience:

  • Building value for customers.
  • Mapping customer touch points.
  • Bringing empathy to your team.
  • Designing a customer experience vs developing a customer centric culture.
  • Staff autonomy vs customer process – taking the best of both strategies into the real world.
  • 3 tools for service recovery and how to implement them with your team.


  • Creating a culture change plan.
  • Planning your implementation strategy.
  • Putting your actions into place.


  • Support to practice and implement the skills learned.
  • Measurement of effectiveness using new skills.

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