Stepping Into Leadership

Course Overview

  • Participants

    Up to 12 per cohort

  • Format

    A blended learning programme usually delivered over an 8-9 month period.

  • Breakdown

    - 10 hours’ work over 9 modules of guided on-line work in the GBB Coaching & Consultancy Learning Portal.

    - 7x Full-day (6 hours) live training modules with two highly experienced, expert leadership facilitators over 3 modules.

    - 7 hours’ consolidation work over 6 modules in the GBB Coaching & Consultancy Learning Portal.

    - 4x 90 minute video coaching calls with your executive coach to help implement your learning.

    - 3x 2.5 hour peer learning sessions where participants work in small groups with their facilitator to workshop each other’s real-world management challenges and practise their new skills.


A comprehensive programme to accelerate leadership skills and their application in the workplace. A complete blended experience for those who manage and lead people in any industry or organisation, this programme includes guided on-line learning, live training sessions, peer coaching sessions and 1-to-1 input from experienced executive leadership coaches. This programme is a must for any manager who is currently basing their decisions and management style on gut instinct (nothing wrong with that, but we probably have some more reliable models for you to check your first reaction against) or any business that wants to manage more strategically, reduce cost and increase performance (we know people leave bad managers not bad jobs so there is a huge business case for improving manager performance.) This programme is about practical management and leadership tools that can be quickly and effectively implemented whilst all the time supporting leaders to develop their own style so that people will choose to be lead by them.

Why choose this programme?

A modular programme with digital content, live facilitated sessions, peer-learning workshops and 1-to-1 coaching elements. Pragmatic and practical tools with help to implement them immediately. Based on sound business models with clear references, but focused on the benefits of implementing the tools rather than their theory. A wide range of delivery techniques to suit all learners and with the right amount of work outside the classroom - enough to demand commitment and individual thinking but not so much that it gets in the way of the day job. The programme is designed to help delegates do business better, not slow them down. An online portal is provided to manage delegate’s digital resources and allow them to access support at any time. Materials are designed to be used outside the classroom and will become a reference point for delegates for years to come. The programme can be delivered on-site in suitable training or meeting rooms, offsite in a learning environment or entirely in our virtual classroom environment. Coaching support is offered at-desk or via video call.

Who should attend this programme?

This programme is designed for four specific groups:

  • New managers and team leaders who have less experience and have had little or no formal training on management and leadership topics.
  • Existing managers who have practical experience of running departments and teams but have had little or no formal training on management and leadership topics.
  • Existing managers who have had some training on management and leadership topics but feel they are lacking the confidence to implement what they have learnt.
  • High potential employees who have been formally identified as future leaders and are being supported and fast-tracked to start their leadership journey.

Programme Content:

Module 1 - Leadership and management

By the end of module 1 participants will have...

  • explored Transformational Leadership
  • considered how the VMOST model is currently used in their business
  • explored the 10 roles a manager has to play
  • assessed themselves against leadership tasks and leadership behaviours
  • evaluated their level of competence and confidence in their own role
  • set themselves clear, achievable goals for the programme and committed to delivering them with the support of their coach

Module 2 - Management skills and measurement

By the end of module 2 participants will have...

  • learnt a series of practical tools to help them in the 10 roles a manager plays:
    • Objective setting
    • Conducting effective and constructive meetings
    • Using strategy to plan for successful outcomes
    • Identifying and measuring Key Performance Indicators
    • Decision making with regard to the business as a whole
    • Problem solving
    • Understanding the customer experience
    • Planning and managing change
    • Maintaining and improving Health & Safety and quality
    • Time management
  • refined their personal objectives and taken accountability for their progress during a 1-to-1 coaching session
  • worked with their peers to address personal challenges in two Action Learning Sessions

Module 3 - Leading people and to better performance

By the end of module 3 participants will have...

  • understood how Transactional Analysis can be used in a variety of situations
  • an appreciation for the pros and cons of the different TA drivers
  • gained the ability to use empathy as a tool in the workplace
  • mapped the key competencies for roles within their teams and understood how a competency framework can be used in 6 key areas of business strategy, including recruitment and appraisal
  • practised giving quality feedback
  • created a plan to introduce coaching into their day to day management and leadership style
  • learnt different strategies for delegating work effectively
  • received a 1-to-1 coaching session focused on performance management
  • understood strategic leadership and how it helps to choose the right tool to get results from your people
  • planned their next steps on the leadership journey
  • gained confidence to take their learning back into their workplace
  • the support they need to continue trying new techniques and tools with their teams
  • assessed their development and celebrated their successes

Each module contains a carefully planned blend of online work in the GBB Coaching & Consultancy Learning Portal, 1-to-1 coaching, peer learning sessions in smaller groups and live training sessions with our facilitators. The Learning Portal can be accessed at any time and from a desk-top computer, laptop or mobile device meaning that the programme can be completed around demanding workloads.


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