Leading and Managing Change


Today more than ever change is an absolute constant, and the rate at which it continues to unfold in our lives is always increasing. Organisational change can be fuelled from a variety of different sources including customer behaviours, market habits, technological innovation and legislative adjustment, yet research continues to demonstrate that the majority of change initiatives fail to meet their targeted outcomes and often can even cause damage to an organisation, its people and its strategies. This blended programme enables participants to understand the variety of potential human responses to change as well as their own attitudes towards it; to identify and manage the challenges that arise when leading change; and to know how best to equip themselves so as to support change-management initiatives more effectively and with greater levels of success.

Course Overview

  • Participants

    Up to 12 per session.

  • Format

    A blended learning programme usually delivered over a 6-9 week period.

  • Breakdown

    - 2 hours’ pre-work in the GBB Coaching & Consultancy Learning Portal

    - 2x Full-day (12 hours) live training event with your expert facilitator.

    - 2 hours’ consolidation work in the GBB Coaching & Consultancy Learning Portal.

    - 3x 45 minute video coaching calls with your expert facilitator to help you implement your learning.

Why choose this programme?

Effectively managing the implementation of change is perhaps one of the most important leadership skills. Luckily, it is a skill and can be learnt, improved and perfected. This programme is packed full of practical, easy-to-implement tools but also explores the crucial areas of change culture and mindset. Whether you are currently initiating a defined change programme or wanting to equip your managers with the confidence and competence to continuously drive small changes in behaviour and performance, this programme will provide the solid foundation on which great changes are built.

Who should attend this programme?

This programme is designed for all leaders (from supervisors to CEO’s) who have a responsibility for leading, implementing, role-modelling or inspiring change - whether they have designed the change or inherited it.

Programme Content:


  • A definition of change, how it occurs and what drives it
  • Benefits of change – to brand, customer and you
  • What is the change context for you and your organisation
  • Your personal relationship with and reaction to change

Live Training Experience:

  • Working outside the Comfort Zone
  • What is the change process?
  • Approaches to change - including Evolution vs Revolution
  • Diagnosing readiness for change – practical exercise
  • Planning for change – practical tools
  • Using the transition curve as a tool
  • Obstacles to change – what gets in the way of successful leadership of change
  • A plan to help take people with you on the journey of change
  • Communicating successfully around change
  • People's relationship with change and why they respond the way that they do
  • Success factors for change implementation – practical planning exercise


  • Review of key change topics
  • Implementing your change plan
  • Personal actions and behaviour insights
  • Developing and sustaining a change culture within the team – future-proofing your team and your organisation


  • Support to practice and implement the skills learned
  • Measurement of effectiveness using new skills

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